IIAR is envisioned to be a state of the art research center for achieving excellence in identified crucial areas of science and technology.
 15 November, 2010

Recognizing their common interest to conduct the applied and analytical research in the frontier areas of science and to find application of the research results for the benefit ofmankind through nutraceutical products for preventive healthcare, both signees of this letter, NutraHelix Biotech Pvt Ltd (referred NutrHelix) and the Indian Instituteof Advanced Research (referred IIAR), have agreed to carry out collaborative research in the specific areas of biotechnology for food and nutrition. The two organizations are also willing and able to jointly carry out technology development on the outcome research leads for industrial application in food technology and products and seek financial opportunities wherever feasible to enable this mutual collaboration between them.

NutraHelix Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India

Indian Institute of Advanced Research, Gujarat, India


This agreement describes those activities of interest and priority areas that both signees have identified to focus in their collaboration, as follows:

  • Special aim of the collaboration will be to identify novel plant sources for Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid containing oil seeds to replace the fish oil need in functional foods,

  • The second specific area identified is to develop various Aloe vera based safe edible/skin care products ranging from juice/concentrates/gels/powders and formulations.

  • The third area is of bioprospection to explore the new plant sources for essential vitamins, amino acids and micronutrients and carry out research for sustainable utilization of these resources .
Signed by Directors of the collaborating Companies
(15 November, 2010 )
Dr Suman PS Khanuja (Director, NutraHelix) Dr. Manju Sharma (Executive Director)
Mr Shreenarayan Agrawal (Director, NutraHelix) Dr KailashPaliwal (Director)
NutraHelix Biotech Pvt Ltd, India    Indian Institute of Advanced Research, India
www.nutrahelix.com www.iiar.res.in
 February 15, 2011

Both organizations have recognized their complementary partnership feasible because of the common interest to carry out research, offer skill development training and take up technology development in the areas of "Bio-Science" and "Natural Products" leading to their use in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health & nutrition, industrial applications, agriculture and environment. Both signees of this letter, NutraHelix Biotech Pvt. Ltd. (referred as NutraHelix) and Centre for Advanced Research and Training in Bio-Sciences (referred as CARTiBs), express their willingness to carry out collaborative research in specific areas that will be identified time to time through mutual discussion and consent on time bound projects mode.

Signed by Directors and Trustees of the collaborating organizations
(15 February, 2011)

D.r Suman PS Khanuja (Director, NutraHelix) Dr. G T Paratkar (Trustee, CARTiBs)
Mr. Shreenarayan Agrawal (Director, NutraHelix) Mrs. Meena Agrawal (Trustee, CARTiBs)
NutraHelix Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai/Delhi, India   
Centre for Advanced Research and Training
inBio-Sciences, Mumbai, India
www.nutrahelix.com www.bioresearch.in